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I Need a Break Contest


The contest is now closed

Congratulations to all of our lucky winners and thank you to all those who entered.


About the contest

Sometimes life gets hard, especially when a loved one is suffering. At Bergmanis Preyra LLP, we understand that life’s stresses can be hard to bear.

Our law firm has a history of providing exceptional legal services and support to those who have suffered serious personal injury. When someone you love has been injured, it affects everyone, especially those friends and family members who provide their love and support through what can be very difficult times. While an essential part of any recovery is the help of others, sometimes the strain is just too much to shoulder and we all need a little breather.

We believe that taking time for yourself helps you to better cope and can make a world of difference to both you and to the people who rely on you every day. That’s why we are offering you or someone you care about the chance to take a break for a night and enjoy the music of your favourite artist or band.


Contest period

The contest began on May 1, 2019 and ended on August 21, 2019.


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