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The COVID-19 crisis has created unprecedented challenges for us and as we struggle to make sense of it, there is reason for hope. We have seen the resiliency and compassion of Canadians who have come together from coast to coast to help and support each other. We are inspired by the tireless work of all our frontline workers fighting to keep us and our loved ones safe. We are deeply grateful to you and salute your courage and determination.

Bergmanis Preyra is proud to support organizations like FeedtheFrontlines and Pastaitforward who are providing much-needed meals to our medical professionals and front line workers while they work tirelessly to keep us safe. And as an essential service we are here available 24 hours/day via phone or videoconference to provide the skilled and compassionate  legal services you and your family need as we navigate through this crisis. As always, consultations are free. 

Bergmanis Preyra, You Focus On Getting Better, We'll Do The Rest.